Steve Bray


Students for Life Action
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Endorsement For Steve Bray HD 37

Libertysplace4U is to proud endorse Steve Bray for House District 37. It’s with measured gravity when we endorse a candidate for elected office. He came to Casper in 2005. He’s pro-life from birth to the grave. Unlike his opponent, Steve believes in smaller, less intrusive government. He’s strong on Freedom and Liberty, a stalwart on the Second Amendment, and lower taxes and less fees, and that owning property is a cornerstone of our Republic.

He’s old school in many good ways, such as the US Constitution doesn’t need fixed. Godly Patriotism is still worth the fight, and trust, truth and integrity still matter. And says what he means. That’s refreshing in this day of fast talk, and smoke and mirror agendas. We’ve vetted Steve and find he’s worthy of our endorsement, and your support.

Steve, like many of us, is troubled by the rising property taxes in Natrona County and statewide. He understands that public schools are a poor experiment with an outcome confirming that. Steve’s opponent has been in the Wyoming House for eighteen long years. It has become his home away from home. He’s best known for his coaching prowess. Sadly, many of his constituents vote for him as a coach, unaware of his legislative record. The truth is, that his opponent has rarely met a tax or fee hike that he doesn’t like, yet still calls himself a GOP Conservative.

We are confident that Steve Bray will oppose any proposed tax hikes that wreak havoc on all of us. Not with vacuous rhetoric, but with action. It’s time for a change in HD 37. Libertyspilace4U is convinced that Steve Bray is the right man for such a time as this. It’s time for elected officials to say “No” to more or higher taxes, and expanding government at any level. Like you, Steve Bray understands the corruptive agent of apathy, failure to engage in the political process, and careerist impulses of politicians like his opponent. Steve’s willing to fight for you. Please stand with him and vote for Steve Bray for HD 37 on August 16th.

Mike Pyatt



I have rarely met anyone of stronger personal convictions and steadfast commitment than Steve Bray. He has keen understanding of our nation’s history combined with a creative intelligence for discovering solutions for our future. Wyoming will be stronger with his service.

Pastor Walt Hill
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Steve Bray is one of the strongest conservative voices that I know in Natrona County. He’s dependable, knowledgeable and sincere. I am happy to endorse him for the State Legislature, District 37.

Chuck Gray
House Representative, District 57


Residents of House district 37,

Steve Bray is my recommendation for House District 37. He has of history of being not only a good guy but a political leader. His skills in leadership, community participation, listening, organization, computer skills and true Republican principles are next to none.

I believe with a strong presence like Steve, the existing weakness we currently have in House District 37 will cease to exist. Bray is a leader and people just naturally follow his ideas.

If you want to see a Representative take office who will listen to the needs of the people and stand strong for you, Steve is your man.

I totally endorse Steve Bray for HD 37, please give your vote to Steve Bray

Tom Reeder
Former Republican member of the Wyoming House of Representatives